Monday, December 29, 2014

उम्मीद ।

 ये तस्सल्ली कि उन्हें हम कभी पा ना सके
ही है उम्मीद इक दिन उन्हें पा जाने की.…

उनकी बातों में उतरता हो जादु जैसे,
हममे उम्मीद ख़ामोशी समझाने की.… 

वो खोये रहते हैं किस्से और कहानियों में,
हममें उम्मीद इक कहानी बन जाने की....

उनके जीवन में हम एक छोटा तजुर्बा ही सही,
हममें उम्मीद महज़ उनको याद आने की.… 

 ये तस्सल्ली कि उन्हें हम कभी पा ना सके
ही है उम्मीद इक दिन उन्हें पा जाने की.…


Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Friday, May 14, 2010

You cannot feel other than how you feel, no matter how much you long for different better emotions...We are slaves of our own flesh.

- The Perfect Sleep

Friday, July 24, 2009


I just detest to see a shobha de article in the newspaper(TOI). I hate TOI for the fact that she has a column there. She has no respect for the language and uses it as her blog space...huh.. Does she think she can write any crap and readers would appreciate? (She looks like a writer though, with her mumbai-junk-loud jewelry). Can someone tell her to get a life??

Sunday, June 07, 2009

I love Mumbai..but...

If you know Mumbai, you know local...and if you are female, you know how nasty another female could be when she in that ‘Kewal mahilaye’ dabba. I remember running after a local when one of the four of us suddenly made her mind to catch the train (for dadar). Rest of her followed her excellence. I had a tough time trying to ‘load’ a not-so –light lady into the train. She had already succeeded in pushing her daughter and a woman inside, but fell herself on her knees. I was sincerely trying to get her up but she was not making enough effort except remembering Allah. You already know that she was not-so-light. The two people who were with her had already boarded the train and were also crying for help to Allah. I am not sure if Allah sent him for them but he came running, picked her legs, literally threw her inside the train and went off running. I took a sigh of relief only to hear her excellence telling me- hey we are in the wrong train.
When I came to Mumbai and went for the first local ride, i had to let go three trains before i made up my mind that come what may I am going by the third one.
I remember one of my trainers in i-flex quoting that if you could get on the first local, you are fit for Mumbai. And literally there are times when you are contesting to get your foot on the train with all others who are equally or more competent to get it. And believe the fight is only for a foot and a hand, nothing more, nothing less. If you get hold of that rod and put the first foot in, the second will find its way. :)Some women may try to use your hand or even your neck in place of the rod. You will anyway sort out the thing later. You will hear one of them telling you that she is capable of kicking you. There will be some women who will not even like you to touch them or press against them as if they will instantly get sandwiched. They are the most intolerant of the lot. And yet there will be some who will be smiling at you as if saying- that’s’s ok...take it is not all that bad...
Today when I boarded a train from Dadar to Vile Parle, the compartment was crowded like anything. It had everything that could squeeze the life out of you. Of course I was breathing. And this woman with her little son had to get off at Vile Parle too. Let me tell you, if you have to get off at a station, you better plan it well in advance. So when Vile Parle was about the come, and we tried to get near the exit, the little kid was stuck between the ladies. He was crying like anything. His mother could hardly see. She was somehow not bothered about him weeping; she was rather focused to reach the exit. But meanwhile the kid was becoming invisible and more invisible. It was like a stampede for the little kid. I could see his face though. I told him not to weep and that he will have to become like superman to get off the train (I had this idea from some Hollywood/Bollywood movie I guess :D). I think he was convinced as he stopped crying. Then I told him that he should drink more milk to become like superman. And while I was giving him all this gyan I was further pushed. Then one of the ladies, who didn’t like my superman idea, may be, asked-‘Why don’t you pick up the kid?' I had to make it clear to her that see this is not my kid. ‘To kiska hai?’ she spoke in frustration.

Of course everybody eventually succeeded to get off. Only grouse is that the lady had no diffuculty in assuming that I had a kid!! :P

Saturday, April 04, 2009

It has been long that I have blogged. And there is nothing new about it. I am definitely what you call a slow blogger. Past days have been I would say just they have always been....I just met an old friend...a very old friend indeed....we were together in class 4th..we both are in Mumbai since 7-8 months and were too busy to meet....Thanks to me that we met and I discovered a new friend in an old friend. I have been meeting a lot of my old friends in the past few weeks.
Also these days I am kind of aimless. As in, I always knew what I had to do ‘next’. But these days I have no clue. I have decided to be aimless for the next few months. So now i know that for the next few months my aim is to be aimless.
And I know all that I am writing is not exactly what one would like to read...or something that would logically connect...but then I saw this movie today and I really liked it. This character Miss Morgan of the movie “The mirror has two faces” is adorable...which probably every woman would admire....and the ‘not so pretty females’ will also be able to connect. Well I was able to do both. (Though I strongly believe that I am pretty . :P :P) The most interesting part of the movie for me was when Miss Morgan in one of her lectures discusses love and comes to a conclusion that most of us buy it. We go out for movies...dinners...dates and nurture the thought that we are ‘most probably’ in love or ‘kind of’ love or something very close to it. And thus we buy love ( although she carries the discussion forward in a more interesting manner :P).’ But why do we do we buy it?’ she asks?
‘for the propagation of species’....’because we crave for somebody like us’ blah blah were some of the responses.....And then she says- your answers are too intellectual for me....we all want to fall in love is because it feels freaking great!!
And I guess she is right.
So what do you guys say? :)

Friday, January 30, 2009

sorry for the horror :P

This happiness is unprecedented. Only a haircut is capable of giving it.
A haircut is an instant escape from your own image and you see yourself in a different light.
My friends were shocked to see how I looked after the creativity of the hair dresser. I just left it to her and she acted as if my skull was her battle ground. We both enjoyed it I guess. She enjoyed the creative freedom and I enjoyed the thought of a new look.
But the reactions of my friends were worth capturing in a glass bottle.
It was the last thing on earth that they expected.
Guys, you might hate it, but ‘I am loving it’.